Side Dishes

These side dishes add a little extra kick of flavor to any meal. We offer sweet potato wedges wrapped in prosciutto for dinner. Browse through our side dish recipes and you’ll find something that compliments your main dish!

Roasted Garlic, Zucchini and Tomato Bake

Garlic belongs to the Allium class of bulbshaped plants, which also includes onions, chives, leeks and scallions. It contains healthy photochemicals (substances thought to protect against disease and boost the immune system) and fiber. Studies show an association between increased intake of garlic and reduced risk of certain cancers, including cancers of the stomach, colon, esophagus, pancreas and breast.

Sweet Potato Wedges Wrapped in Prosciutto

This easy, tasty recipe gives a wonderful blend of sweet and salt to sweet potato wedges. Fantastic prosciutto is wrapped around sweet potato wedges and baked until it’s crispy and mouth-watering. Mix with basil leaves to create a popular new treat. Add a kick to traditional potato wedges with this innovative flavor combination!

Checkerboard Baked Beans

Warm yourself on a cool fall day with these baked beans. Mix peas, beans and onions to bring out the flavor. These baked beans can be made with or without the kielbasa. Either way, they are a tasty and nutritious side dish for picnics or at dinner.

Cream Cheese Whipped Potatoes

Comfort food at its finest! A bowl of yummy whipped potatoes can warm anyone, even in the coldest of temperatures. The cream cheese flavor sends your taste buds soaring.

Bread Pudding Florentine

An outstanding brunch recipe that is one of Holly’s very favorites. Use yesterday’s bread and freshen it up with herbs and spices for tomorrow. It can be made the night before and popped in the oven to cook in the morning.

Brown Rice Medley

This version of stir-fried brown rice with veggies can be a one-dish meal or a full family dish, but is very healthy either way.

Mardi Gras Pasta Salad

Mardi Gras is a great time to celebrate, and this festive salad, made with tri-colored pasta, vibrant veggies and succulent chicken, will set the mood for the annual celebration.

Pasta Salad

Serve this pasta salad with a great main dish and you're all set for a great summer barbecue.

Colorful Mashed Potatoes

We love to experiment with mashed potatoes. Try adding roasted garlic, fat-free sour cream or low-fat cheese for added flavor. Experiment with different types of potatoes such as Yukon Golds or Peruvian Purples for a different flavor.

Marsala Winter Vegetables

Marsala sauce gives winter vegetables an especially savory flavor that’s perfect for cold winter nights. Who said vegetables were only for the summer?

Potato Salad

When you plan and fill your family’s picnic basket, surround Mom's Old Fashioned Potato Salad with whole-wheat bread and fresh fruit (both have fiber), and thoughtful beverages. And be sure to clean those hands before you eat!

Sweet Potato Fries

Bet your boots your friends will get a kick out of this new twist on an old favorite. The sweet flavor of these fries will draw raves from miles around. Stake your claim with these sweet potato fries.

Vi’s Sunday Greens

This recipe comes straight from Lisa’s mom, who loves to cook greens on Sunday. We think they’re a perfect addition to any table. Greens are loaded with calcium, iron and vitamins. Enjoy them anytime! Serve as a meal or side dish. Garnish with sliced tomatoes and chopped sweet onions.