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CustomFit Physicals for Women

Offering a Comprehensive, Convenient and Catered Approach to Your Health

CustomFit Physicals for Women, exclusively from Cleveland Clinic Center for Specialized Women's Health, provide a uniquely personalized healthcare service that offers you the convenience of receiving a comprehensive set of evaluations and an individual plan of action based on your results—in just one day.

Whether you're a busy executive who puts in 60-hour work weeks or a mom who is busy putting the needs of her family before her own, you can't afford to neglect your health.

With our CustomFit Physical, you'll have the comfort of knowing that you're getting all the care you need, along with the confidence of knowing you'll be able to get it all done without impacting your busy life.

Your CustomFit Concierge

Your CustomFit experience starts with a call to a women's health registered nurse. After discussing your medical history, health concerns and lifestyle, the nurse will consult with Center for Specialized Women's Health physicians to recommend a set of evaluations tailored to your needs. They will then schedule your exams in succession to optimize your visit.

CustomFit Comforts

Take advantage of complimentary valet parking when you arrive. Then enjoy your own private waiting room during any downtime between exams. Your room will feature Wi-Fi, and an assortment of healthy snacks and refreshments—along with a robe and slippers to help you relax.

Beyond Your CustomFit Physical

Before you leave, you'll have a complete picture of your health and a personalized take-home plan to improve your wellness and reduce risks. Should you require additional screenings, consultations or follow-up visits based on your CustomFit Physical, the nurse will arrange access to top-ranked Cleveland Clinic specialists on your behalf.

Your CustomFit Experience

All this personalized service and convenience is offered for a $1,000 out-of-pocket fee.

Patient Testimonial

"The CustomFit Program is top notch. I feel at the top of my game healthwise, thanks to the care and attention during my visit to the Center for Specialized Women's Health."

- Jill Stroud, CustomFit Physical Patient

Call 216.445.7600 to begin your CustomFit Physical experience.

Baseline Physicals* include:

  • Detailed physical exam
  • Basic laboratory tests
  • Pelvic exam
  • Breast exam
  • Breast cancer risk assessment
  • Hormone assessment

Additional exam options* that may also be recommended for you include:

  • Mammogram and breast cancer risk assessment
  • Thyroid (TSH) test and hormonal assessment
  • Cervical Pap smear with HPV test, if indicated
  • Cholesterol screening and complete lipid profile
  • Bone density test, if indicated
  • Personalized genetic assessment
  • Body fat, nutritional analysis and counseling
  • Body scan, if indicated
  • Physical therapy and/or exercise consultation
  • Echo cardiac stress test
  • CIMT (carotid artery intima media thickness) ultrasound
  • Aesthetic skin care services (not covered by insurance)
  • Female sexual dysfunction evaluation and discussion of treatment options
  • Urine leakage evaluation and nonsurgical treatment options including InTone, APEX, InToneMV, APEXM and Intensity devices

* All medical treatments and services listed above will be billed to your insurance. Patients may be responsible for co-pays and deductibles, or out-of-pocket expenses based on the terms and conditions of their insurance plans.

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