Heritage & Essence

Speaking of Women’s Health helps educate women about the power of their health, well-being and personal safety.

What makes Speaking of Women’s Health so special is our heritage and our understanding of the unique psychology of women. We know that women who are interested in improving their health seek fair-balanced, credible information from health experts. We also know that women like to be pampered and they like to be together in an environment of learning and camaraderie.

In all of our educational programs, Speaking of Women’s Health stays true to this heritage by offering:

  • Fair-balance information from nationally and locally credentialed experts. We don’t promote a specific doctor, or a specific treatment – we offer information about the many options available to women today. We encourage women to gain the knowledge, talk to their doctor or health care practitioner and make these important decisions on their own.
  • An environment of beauty and pampering. We know that women like to be surrounded by uplifting décor, pampered with screenings, presented with gifts and extras.
  • A place of warmth, friendship and unparalleled camaraderie. Women who learn together, grow together. Our conferences and educational pieces give women the opportunity to share their lives and experiences so that they can learn from each other. Our outreach efforts touch women in their everyday activities, like shopping and watching television.