The Speaking of Women's Health Podcast is excited to bring you credible women's health information from host and Executive Director, Dr. Holly L. Thacker. Dr. Thacker will interview guest clinicians discussing relevant women's health topics and the latest news and tips.

The Speaking of Women’s Health Podcast

Everything You Wanted To Know About Constipation

Host Dr. Holly Thacker discusses constipation and everything you wanted to know about it, but were afraid to ask! She shares constipation prevention tips and what foods and supplements can help prevent constipation.

Why Hormone Therapy is Still the Most Effective Treatment for Menopause Symptoms

When you hear hormone therapy, do you ultimately think the worst? Twenty years after the Women's Health Initiative (WHI), women are still concerned about the risks of hormone therapy.

Speaking of Women's Health Podcast Host Dr. Holly Thacker discusses the impact the WHI study had on women 20 years ago and how the fear of hormone therapy is still a real issue in women's healthcare.

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Catching up with Nurse Lillie

In this Speaking of Women's Health Podcast episode, host Dr. Holly L. Thacker talks with recent retiree Lillie McKinney LPN. Lillie was a nurse at Cleveland Clinic's Center for Specialized Women's Health for more than a decade and prior to that worked at several other hospitals in Northeast Ohio.

Lillie was loved by all of her patients and colleagues.

Episode 3: Why Women Crave Chocolate

Host Dr. Holly Thacker talks about why we crave chocolate and explains why the brain neurochemicals in chocolate can help improve mood and fight cancer and other diseases.

Episode 2: Why Women Need Vitamin D

Low vitamin D levels can lead to an increase in respiratory infections amongst other conditions including seasonal depression, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and increased risk of some cancers.

Speaking of Women's Health Podcast Host and Executive Director discusses how much vitamin D women need, vitamin deficiency and ways to get vitamin D.

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Kicking Off Podcast 1 and Talking All Things Iron

Speaking of Women's Health Podcast Host and Executive Director, Dr. Holly L. Thacker, kicks off the very first podcast episode introducing the Speaking of Women's Health program and sharing tips on how women of all ages can ingest more iron.

Through-out the female life cycle there are some special demands for iron. Iron is a mineral that both sexes need in order to carry oxygen through out the body. Iron deficiency can lead to extreme fatigue and feeling lightheaded, as well as a painful tongue and pale skin color. As a mother, a women’s health physician and being blessed with two grandchildren and a pregnant daughter-in-law, iron is on Dr. Thacker's mind!

Dr. Thacker shares 7 tips to add iron rich foods to your diet, including easy-to-make recipes. Tune in to our next podcast episode and don't forget to live our motto Be Strong, Be Healthy, Be in Charge!