Recipe Box

Speaking of Women’s Health has enough delicious and healthy recipes from which you can create an entire meal. From mouth-watering appetizers to desserts that top off a perfect evening, we can offer advice on making low-fat and healthy recipes for women. We’ve even included a few of Holly Clegg’s famous recipes from her book Too Hot in the Kitchen: Secrets to Sizzle at Any Age. Our wide variety of healthy recipes can help you spice up any occasion.


Sometimes the tastiest food is before dinner starts! Our appetizers set the table for the meal to come, or they can keep your guests tied over during the party. This selection of dips and appetizers are healthy and nutritious.


Cool off with our thirst-quenching beverages. We have recipes for smoothies and non-alcoholic cocktails in a variety of flavors. Wash down a delicious meal with our beverages, or take the time to enjoy them sip by sip!


There’s nothing like warm bread fresh from the oven! Bite into mouth-watering breads after looking at our recipes. This is more than just sandwich bread. It’s the main course!

Breakfast Brunch

What can be better than breakfast and lunch together? These delicious dishes are sure to make a perfect combination.


Save the best for last with our delicious desserts! Not only are they sweet, creamy, and crunchy, but many of them are low in fat and calories. Enjoy the tastes of chocolate, vanilla, and berries in our cakes and pies. You’ll want to eat our desserts before dinner is over.

Holly Clegg's Recipes

Take a peek inside Holly Clegg’s cookbook Too Hot in the Kitchen: Secrets to Sizzle at Any Age. Her healthy recipes are wonderful and easy to make. We’ve added a lot of them to our recipe box already. For more, please check out her book!

Main Dishes

We have healthy recipes for main dishes to fit any occasion and any taste. Browse through our long list of recipes. We have everything from meat dishes to vegetarian dishes and from stews to burgers.


Eat your leafy greens! These healthy recipes are a great way of getting your servings of vegetables. Of course, we also mix in a few extras as well. Our salads are more than just lettuce; they can be an entire meal.

Side Dishes

These side dishes add a little extra kick of flavor to any meal. We offer sweet potato wedges wrapped in prosciutto for dinner. Browse through our side dish recipes and you’ll find something that compliments your main dish!


Nothing warms you up on a cold winter’s day like homemade soup! Enjoy our selection of tasty soups. Find one to ladle out to your guests to keep them glowing on the inside. We have soups, chowders, chilis, and gazpachos for you to choose. Combine these soups with a small lunch or salad and create a delicious meal!


Making an easy, healthy and diabetes-friendly recipe is possible. Find our delicious recipes that are all diabetes-friendly.


Enjoy these quick, easy and healthy vegan recipe. A vegan diet excludes all animal food sources including meat, eggs and dairy.


Find healthy, delicious gluten-free recipes including main dishes.


Check out these healthy and delicious vegetarian recipes.