Health Calculators

Speaking of Women’s Health makes it easy for you to get the feedback you need to assess your health, track your progress or simply take the next step to living a better life. Take advantage of these tools and programs today.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Use this free Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator to calculate your BMI index. Simply put in your height and weight, and we'll do your BMI calculation.

Calcium Calculator

Are you getting enough calcium? The mineral calcium is essential for building and maintaining healthy bones throughout life. Find out whether you are getting enough calcium in your daily diet, using our calcium calculator.

Gail Model

Learn your risk of developing invasive breast cancer with this Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool.

Hereditary Cancer Quiz

Take this quiz to find out your cancer risk.

Ideal Weight

Use this Ideal Weight Calculator tool to determine your healthiest weight.

Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator

How much weight should you gain while you're pregnant? Keep tabs on your pregnancy pounds with our pregnancy weight gain calculator.

Stroke Risk Calculator

Do you know your risk of having a stroke?

The Cleveland Clinic stroke risk calculator can be used to assess your risk of having a stroke within the next 10 years.

Target Heart Rate

This Target Heart Rate Calculator provides, based on your age, an estimate of your target heart rate ranges for all exercise intensity levels.

Waist to Hip Ratio

Use our Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator to determine your waist to hip ratio. Waist to hip ratio is a simple measure of where fat is stored in your body.

Weight Maintenance

Curious as to how many calories you need to maintain your current weight? Try this Weight Maintenance Calculator to find out.