Aren’t You Worth It?

By: Holly L. Thacker, MD • Posted on December 28, 2011

Aren’t You Worth It?

As we end the 2011 calendar year, thoughts of the new year are frequently laced with New Year's resolutions that revolve around health. Health and wellness are integral to our well-being. Speaking of Women's Health mission is to encourage all women to "Be Strong, Be Healthy, and Be in Charge!"

To be strong and healthy requires some time and energy, and yes, sometimes, money. The foundations of good health require adequate sleep. So, ladies, you can not scrimp on sleep. Take the time to get adequate rest and relaxation. Energy is boosted by a combination of the following:

Money, that is always a dicey topic. Money does have a role in helping to maintain good health, no doubt. It amazes me how so many of my patients will forgo needed appointments at the beginning of the year because they don't want to spend the co-pay and/or deductible on themselves. Only after have they focused on their family and others, do they even think to focus on themselves. I say you are WORTH it!And if you don't take care of yourself, you might not be around to take care of those you love.

Another area related to money that I see women make health decisions revolve around is medications. In many instances, generics are less expensive and comparable to brand name medications....but not always! Sometimes the minor cost 'savings' actually costs more in terms of medication efficacy and/or effect. A common example is thryoid medication. By law, a generic medication only has to be 80 percent equivalent or up to 125 percent equivalent. This may be fine for many conditions, but when you are dealing with a hormone that has a very specific level to be maintained, changing the amount you are receiving can affect your levels by going up or down. This is not a good thing when trying to maintain hormonal balance! If your thryoid level is changing because the batch of medication you are receiving is changing, that can mean more lab tests and more doctor visits, not to mention that one doesn't feel as well if your hormone level is too high or too low!

So the next time you are tempted to reduce the amount of time, energy, and money that you devote to your health...I say ask the question, aren't you "worth it"?

Tune in to my next blog....Dr Thacker's Top 12 health tips for 2012!

Be Strong, Be Healthy, and Be in Charge!

-Dr. Holly L. Thacker

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