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Speaking of Women’s Health offers informational women’s health videos that discuss a variety of topics. Join us as Holly L. Thacker, MD, Director of Center for Specialized Women’s Health at Cleveland Clinic, offers her insights about health myths and helpful tips and tricks about health issues that affect women every day.

The Power of Humor

Humor can be an important tool in living a healthier life. Learn how to laugh every day to release stress and anxiety.

Finding the Gifts in Everyday Life

Sometimes it's difficult to keep a positive attitude. This video teaches you how to focus only on the good.

Discover Your Everyday Super Heroes

Become your own superhero by focusing on the best parts of you. Discover how honoring “you” can lead to empowerment.

I Am Woman, I Am Strong, I Am Invincible, I Am Pooped!

It can be difficult getting through life. Explore how a little humor goes a long way to lift your spirits.

Safeguard Your Financial Future

In these tough financial times, it's important for both men and women to know how to safeguard their investments. Learn how to secure your finances now.

Teen Self-Esteem

Mothers need to set a healthy example for their children. Give your children positive self-esteem and help them grow into a happy adults.

Extreme Self-Care

If you're the type of person who always focuses on others, you can forget to focus on yourself. Learn how to take some time out of the day to focus on you.

Positively Speaking

It's important to learn how to communicate more effectively. Learn how humorist Linda Larson nurtures good dialogue by focusing on the communication between men and women.

Discover Your Everyday Super Heroes

“Everyday superheroes" are individuals who are there for us when we need them, whether we recognize them or not.

Secrets of Great Skin

It's important to keep your skin healthy as you age. Dr. Thomas offers some easy tips on how to make your skin appear younger for longer.