Speaking of Women’s Health offers informational women’s health videos that discuss a variety of topics. Join us as Holly L. Thacker, MD, Director of Center for Specialized Women’s Health at Cleveland Clinic, offers her insights about health myths and helpful tips and tricks about health issues that affect women every day.


Intensity is an intimate health and stimulation device. Enhance your sexual response and wellbeing while exercising your pelvic floor. This video demonstrates how women can use Intensity in the privacy of their own home.

Apex Helps Women With Stress Urinary Incontinence

If you suffer from bladder leakage when you cough, laugh, sneeze or exercise, you may have stress urinary incontinence. Apex eliminates symptoms of stress incontinence by providing muscle stimulation algorithm to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. This video demonstrates how women can use Apex in the comfort of their own home.

Women's Bladder Issues

Dr. Holly L. Thacker discusses the various bladder issues that women deal with and what treatment options are available on the September 9, 2014 "What Women Want" Radio Show on WINT AM 1330.

Untreated Hot Flashes Leads to More Doctor Visits

August 2014 - Dr. Holly L. Thacker discusses the relationship between untreated hot flashes and the increase in outpatient doctor visits and healthcare costs.

For more information on this study, read Yale University's press release.

A Solution for Bladder Leakage Without Surgery

Dr. Holly L. Thacker discusses a non-surgery solution for the 20 million women (postpartum & menopausal) in the U.S. afraid to laugh, sneeze or exercise for fear of accidental bladder leakage in this radio interview with WELW-WINT in Willoughby, Ohio.

Health Tips for Midlife Women

Dr. Holly L. Thacker, a women's health expert, talks about the specialized needs of women at mid-life. Learn the must have tests, exams and issues that women should focus on.

Health Tests Women Need in the New Year

Speaking of Women's Health Executive Director Dr. Holly L. Thacker offers a short list of "things to do in the new year" for women.

Foods That Reduce Stress

Many healthy foods offer a subtle side-effect - they help relieve stress. Carolyn Snyder is a registered dietitian at Cleveland Clinic. A German study found vitamin C can help reduce stress and return blood pressure to normal levels, so foods like oranges are stress busters. Avocados are packed with potassium, which helps lower blood pressure, and pistachios and walnuts can have the same effect. Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon, help keep stress hormones at bay as well. And Snyder says to try some Thanksgiving dinner if you're feeling stressed. The tryptophan in the turkey is soothing, and sweet potatoes offer benefits too.

After-School Snacks

After school is a time when many kids go looking in the cupboards for snacks. And nutrition experts say parents need to plan to have healthy and appealing snacks ready for their kids to eat, rather than junk food.

Grandparents and Child Safety

Statistics show the number of grandparent caregivers is increasing. Grandparents provide a wealth of parenting knowledge, but recent research shows they may not known updated child safety standards.