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Speaking of Women’s Health offers informational women’s health videos that discuss a variety of topics. Join us as Holly L. Thacker, MD, Director of Center for Specialized Women’s Health at Cleveland Clinic, offers her insights about health myths and helpful tips and tricks about health issues that affect women every day.

Breast Feeding and Reduced Cancer Risk

Explore how breastfeeding your child can lower your breast cancer risk even if you have a family history of breast cancer.

The DASH Diet with Dr. Holly Thacker

Diet affects more than just your weight. Discover how women who use the DASH Diet and eat whole grains, low-fat milk, fruits and vegetables are 37 percent less likely to have heart failure.

Heavy Periods

What Can I Do About Dry Eye?

If your eyes feel gritty or itchy or produce excess tears you might suffer from dry eyes. Learn more about what causes dry eyes and how to ease the symptoms by listening to the podcast below.

Menopause & Sexuality

Sexual Vitality

The HPV Virus

A simple test for the HPV virus can significantly reduce the number of cervical cancers and deaths that occur.

The Link between Female Contraceptives and Cardiovascular Disease

A new study suggests that women who use hormone replacement therapies for birth control, like the “pill,” may increase their chances for cardiovascular disease. View the video to see if you are at risk.

Hormone Therapy Reduces Colorectal Cancer Risk

Hormone replacement therapy, often given to menopausal women, may reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. Learn more about how the benefits of hormone therapy outweigh associated risks.

Density tests help ID fracture, osteoporosis risks

According to studies, you can delay getting a bone density test for up to five years after your first test at the age of 65. Learn more to see if you are eligible.bone