Speaking of Women’s Health offers informational women’s health videos that discuss a variety of topics. Join us as Holly L. Thacker, MD, Director of Center for Specialized Women’s Health at Cleveland Clinic, offers her insights about health myths and helpful tips and tricks about health issues that affect women every day.

Dr. Holly L. Thacker Talks Osteoporosis With WTAM-AM Cleveland: Episode 4

Dr. Holly L. Thacker Talks Osteoporosis With WTAM-AM Cleveland: Episode 5

#YouFirst Daily Tip: Bone Health by Dr. Holly Thacker

Ladies, put yourself at the top of your to-do list! Dr. Holly L. Thacker shares bone health tips for women.

Attain - The Ultimate Solution to Bladder & Bowel Leakage

Ann Koveck, SVP of Clinical Services at InControl Medical, introduces Attain and discusses the types of incontinence it treats.

InControl Medical

Dr. Silvia Perez-Protto Inspired to Lead End of Life Care

Silvia Perez Protto, MD, is the director of Cleveland Clinic’s Center for End of Life Care. The role fulfills her passion to provide patients comfort in their final days — something she learned from her father, whose end-of-life wishes were unknown to his family. Dr. Perez-Protto praises the collaboration and support from her fellow caregivers at Cleveland Clinic as she leads this important work.

Your Bones, Your Health; Why Osteoporosis Matters

Health By Heather Hirsch

Listen to the Podcast: Your Bones, Your Health; Why Osteoporosis Matters

Health by Heather Hirsch is a podcast dedicated to uncovering and answering many of the myths and misconceptions surrounding women's health issues. Dr. Hirsch is an American board certified internist who completed a women’s health fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic. Her goal is to provide listeners with the most up to date information on all things women’s health through her podcast. Her mission is to help expose the current gaps in women’s health care, and with this information, reach women across the globe. In her podcast, Dr. Hirsch covers everything from female contraception, pregnancy, postpartum, motherhood, midlife, menopause and more.

Tomasso Falcone, MD

Safe Harbor Repeal - Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM)

Ever wonder why medications and medical supplies are so expensive? Ever wonder why some critical medications are in such short supply?

Tips for Healthy, Hair, Skin and Nails

Dr. Melissa Piliang shares tips for healthy hair, skin and nails.

You First: Bone Health

Dr. Holly L. Thacker and Dr. Abby Abelson discuss the importance of bone health for women.