The Speaking of Women's Health Podcast is excited to bring you credible women's health information from host and Executive Director, Dr. Holly L. Thacker. Dr. Thacker will interview guest clinicians discussing relevant women's health topics and the latest news and tips.

Episode 3: Why Women Crave Chocolate

Host Dr. Holly Thacker talks about why we crave chocolate and explains why the brain neurochemicals in chocolate can help improve mood and fight cancer and other diseases.

Episode 2: Why Women Need Vitamin D

Low vitamin D levels can lead to an increase in respiratory infections amongst other conditions including seasonal depression, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and increased risk of some cancers.

Speaking of Women's Health Podcast Host and Executive Director discusses how much vitamin D women need, vitamin deficiency and ways to get vitamin D.

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Kicking Off Podcast 1 and Talking All Things Iron

Speaking of Women's Health Podcast Host and Executive Director, Dr. Holly L. Thacker, kicks off the very first podcast episode introducing the Speaking of Women's Health program and sharing tips on how women of all ages can ingest more iron.

Through-out the female life cycle there are some special demands for iron. Iron is a mineral that both sexes need in order to carry oxygen through out the body. Iron deficiency can lead to extreme fatigue and feeling lightheaded, as well as a painful tongue and pale skin color. As a mother, a women’s health physician and being blessed with two grandchildren and a pregnant daughter-in-law, iron is on Dr. Thacker's mind!

Dr. Thacker shares 7 tips to add iron rich foods to your diet, including easy-to-make recipes. Tune in to our next podcast episode and don't forget to live our motto Be Strong, Be Healthy, Be in Charge!

Science + Education: Tips and Tricks for Reading Scientific Literature

In this episode, Dr. Stetson Thacker, a Clinical Genomics Curator at GenomOncology and a previous PhD candidate in Dr. Charis Eng’s Lab of the Genomic Medicine Institute of Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute, shares his insight into navigating the seas of scientific literature. We both worked with Stetson and mutually continue to agree that we haven’t interacted with someone who had a better handle on the lit than Stetson. So of course, we hoped to pull back the curtain on his tips and tricks through this conversation. We talk about methods for staying current, organized, and collected, as well as how to deeply retain the key takeaways from papers. Highlights include plugs for curating your Google Scholar reading list, incorporating Zotero as a citation manager, and downloading the GoodReads App for finding fun books to read!

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Virtual Women's Health Event Recording

Listen to Dr. Tiffany Cochran and Dr. Tara Iyer discuss midlife women's health topics and answer women's health questions.

Let's Talk Polygenic Risk Scores

Dr. Holly Pederson, Director of the Medical Breast Services in the Breast Center at the Cleveland Clinic, sits down with Dr. Slavin to discuss a newly emerging tool within hereditary cancer genetics: polygenic risk scores.

Inside the GENOME

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Women’s Health Is A Sub-Specialty Field of Medicine

An Interview With Dr. Holly Thacker and her 2020 Fellowship Trainees

Dr. Holly L. Thacker and her new fellowship trainees join Dr. Heather Hirsch in her latest women's health podcast.

In this podcast, Dr. Hirsch speaks candidly with her women’s health fellowship mentor and educator Dr. Holly L. Thacker. Dr. Thacker leads the Center For Specialized Women’s Health at the Cleveland Clinic and is also the director of the specialized women’s health fellowship training program at Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Hirsch and Dr. Thacker discuss the unique role of the physician who has undergone extensive training and years of clinical experience in women’s health, and how this can impact the care of women across the reproductive life span. Dr. Thacker is also the face behind the widely successful speaking of women’s health blog, a nationally recognized site for the education of women straight from the experts.

Join in as they talk about medical training, barriers to women’s midlife care, and the future of women’s health fellowship training with Dr. Tiffany Cochran and Dr. Tara Lyer.

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What You Should Know About Heavy Menstrual Periods with Dr. Cara King

Even with modern medicine, “that time of the month” can be a pain for most women, especially those prone to heavy menstrual bleeding. But abnormal uterine bleeding shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your life. Gynecologist Cara King, DO, talks about why it happens and when it’s time to see a doctor. She also offers tips on managing heavy bleeding and explains how common and treatable the condition actually is.

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Navigating 'The Change': What Every Woman Should Know About Menopause with Dr. Pelin Batur

How do I know menopause is coming? Will I gain weight? Will I need to take hormones? And is there anything I can do about those annoying hot flashes? Women's health specialist Pelin Batur, MD, walks us through what to expect.

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The Alarming Rise in 3 Common STIs with Dr. Oluwatosin Goje

Rates of three common sexually transmitted infections — syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia — are at an all-time high in the U.S. What’s behind this rise, who’s most at risk and how can we protect ourselves? Oluwatosin Goje, MD, an Ob/Gyn who specializes in infectious diseases, explains.

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