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Influenza Type A and B

February 19, 2018 at 9:50am

Can you catch Type A flu and Type B flu at the same time? I am 72 and exposed to both.

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Shaving Pubic Hair and Infection Risks

May 10, 2017 at 12:49pm

I just left my local hospital a few hours ago, my reason for being there was because I was experiencing burning and horrific pain in my pubic area.

A week ago I had shaved and after a few weeks ingrown hairs started to appear. I used coconut oil to stop the sting but it only lasts for a second. I’m scared to pee because it burns every time I go.

There is also a sore in the area between my butt that stings and it is very swollen. I feel horrible from this and the ingrown hairs. In addition, I haven’t been able to poop either.

It’s really hard to move under these conditions. The hospital gave me a quick assessment and told me to put a cream on it and that was the best they could do. Should I go to a different hospital for a second opinion or should I just do what this hospital tells me? I’m still in so much pain.

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Ear Pressure

April 18, 2017 at 9:38am

I had a cold/flu a few months ago and then flew on an airplane and developed “airplane ear” or the feeling of a blockage in my left ear. I tried ear plugs when I flew to see if I could prevent the problem associated with a change in pressure.

It’s a month later, and although I have no pain, I still have the feeling of a blocked ear. I only notice it when I eat or drink as it sounds different. It almost feels like I have water in my ear similar to a feeling after swimming. What should I do? Could there be a virus in there? I tried decongestants for two days to see if it would make a difference, but it did not.

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High Levels of Eosinophils

March 21, 2017 at 10:38am

The last lab report showed that my eosinophils were 8. The range on the lab report said the range was 0-4. The absolute eosinophils value was 610 and the normal range was 15-500.

I read online that this could be a sign of an infection or could be a sign of roundworms. Yuck! I have not been out of the states and never dig in dirt and I’m not around animals very much. I don’t always believe what I read on the internet. What could be the reason this level is too high and what can I do about it?

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Hashimoto's Disease

November 25, 2015 at 2:14pm

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroid disorder. My labs show me ’in normal range.’ My endocrinologist did not recommend thyroid hormone replacement until necessary (she said it could be years), and my GP prescribed me the thyroid hormone and thought I’d start with half a pill and "see how I feel".

Most of my symptoms are hyperthyroid, and my latest labs from one month ago show me ’slightly hyper.’ I am not taking hormones as of yet, as I’m worried they will make me MORE hyper. I am on propranolol to assist with high blood pressure that literally occurred overnight after years of no issues.

Meanwhile, I feel my body is simply deteriorating. The last 4-5 months I’ve had cracking of bones, a feeling of my connective tissue being compromised, and most recently a pretty bad case of psoriasis that itches and nail-pitting. I feel like my body is deteriorating, quite frankly and I’m not sure if this is Hashimoto’s OR something else going on?

If it is Hashimoto’s, would starting thyroid HELP with some of the tissue/bone sensations? Frankly, my endocrinologist even told me to just keep my management to my GP and check in with them once per year.

My second question, my psoriasis has been under treatment for 2 weeks now with no improvement and my doctor says to just stay the course. It itches so much and feel/looks like hives - very itchy welts on my lower legs, buttocks, hips. thighs and elbow. Is there another ’rash’ that often accompanies hashimoto’s patients? If this is psoriasis, it sure is stubborn.

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Numbness and Tingling in Hands and Feet

April 29, 2015 at 1:13pm

I am experiencing numbness in my feet and tingling occasionally in my hands. My glucose is between 80 and 90. I used to be hyphypoglycemic and I wonder if I should have that checked?

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Hernia Treatment for Women

January 31, 2015 at 2:20pm

I am a 70 year old woman and I have a pacemaker for atrial fibrillation. I was diagnosed with an inguinal hernia and my physicians do not seem concerned about it. They didn’t explain whether the hernia required treatment and I am worried. What do you recommend regarding my inguinal hernia?

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Thyroid Condition

January 9, 2015 at 7:30am

In reference to the Thyroid, I am on 0.112mg of synthroid due to being hypothyroidism, following radiation some years ago. My question is, my new physician only runs the TSH blood test to monitor my level. When running the TSH alone, my blood level is within normal limits.

In the past, my previous doctor had run additional tests when he would check the TSH, FT3 and FT4. I was told by my previous doctor that running the TSH by itself is not an effective way of keeping the thyroid in check. I am still feeling fatigue, always cold, dry skin, dry hair. Should I push the issue with my new Primary Care Physician to be more aggressive when he monitors my level?

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Pulmonary Fibrosis

October 24, 2014 at 1:33pm

I have Pulmonary Fibrosis. I belong to an online support group and the vast majority of patients are women. How important is it to know more about how the environment is affecting women’s lungs? And therefore our lives?

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Intolerance to Dairy and Vitamin D

August 26, 2014 at 3:57pm

I can’t tolerate any kind of dairy and from what I noticed Vitamin D (sunshine) either. Symptoms include swelling of my lips and the corners of my lips crack open. Also, the area between my vagina and my rectum gets a rash and cracks open. Another symptom is that I get auras and almost black out if I eat dairy. I stopped all dairy and avoided most sunshine to try to keep my symptoms minimal.

Since I have practiced avoidance it’s much better, but there aren’t many things I can eat. I have been to a lot of different doctors who mostly say just avoid dairy, but that isn’t what I would like to do if I don’t have to. I need vitamin D since I already have osteopenia and am high risk for osteoporosis.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts you may have.

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