Speaking of Women’s Health offers informational women’s health videos that discuss a variety of topics. Join us as Holly L. Thacker, MD, Director of Center for Specialized Women’s Health at Cleveland Clinic, offers her insights about health myths and helpful tips and tricks about health issues that affect women every day.


Calcium, High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure Podcast Episode

In this Speaking of Women's Health Podcast episode, Host Holly L. Thacker, MD discusses important women's health topics including high cholesterol, high blood pressure and the importance of calcium in this podcast episode.

She shares which foods are high in calcium and when women should consider taking a calcium supplement.

Holly L. Thacker MD

9 Strategies to Stop Overeating

Experts discusses 9 strategies to stop overeating.

The DASH Diet with Dr. Holly Thacker

Diet affects more than just your weight. Discover how women who use the DASH Diet and eat whole grains, low-fat milk, fruits and vegetables are 37 percent less likely to have heart failure.

Holly L. Thacker, MD Executive Director of Speaking of Women's Health Director of Center for Specialized Women’s Health at Cleveland Clinic