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12 Simple Tips for Eating Healthy During Menopause

12 Tips for Healthy Eating during Menopause

  1. Cut vegetables ahead of time for salads, sides and snacks.
  2. Prepare meals you can reinvent the next night.
  3. Store healthy frozen dinners in your freezer for lunches or dinners.
  4. Pack meal supplements such as nutrition bars for lunches on the run.
  5. Buy portion-controlled snacks.
  6. Eat protein as your first portion of the meal before any simple carbohydrates.
  7. Eat slowly-put the fork or spoon down between bites.
  8. Use smaller plates and take the time to sit and enjoy your meal free of electronics, TV, phones etc
  9. Drink fluids when hungry as you may just be thirsty. Try green, red, white, and herbal teas which are rich in natural antioxidants.
  10. ONLY eat until 80% full as it takes time for stomach signals to get to your brain.
  11. Consider Intermittent Fasting - Consider eating only in an 8 hour time period and fasting for 16 hours, except for water, for the rest of the 24 hour cycle. This may help you lose weight and/or reduce cellular aging. If you have diabetes, migraines triggered by fasting, or pregnancy this would not be recommended.
  12. Keep a food Journal and plan ahead - By journaling your eating habits, exercise routine and your feelings this may help keep your routine intact and keep you accountable. Remember portion sizes! Visualize your stomach as the size of your fist.

Most mid-life women are concerned about weight gain and changes in their body. Some of this is related to aging and slower metabolism. There are no simple fixes, however by being pro-active, taking charge and being accountable for what and how much you eat and getting regular exercise and adequate sleep you will look and feel better.

It’s important to focus on how you feel as opposed to focusing on the fact that your 50 year-old body isn’t the same as your 20 year-old body.