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My friend is interested in vacationing on a cruise ship while pregnant. Is it safe to go on a cruise ship when a woman is in her first trimester? Is there anything she should be aware of before boarding a ship?

Generally, most cruise lines have a specific policy for pregnant travelers. Many restrict pregnant women past the 24th week of gestation. Your friend should do some research before booking travel to determine her cruise line’s restrictions.

As a good rule of thumb, women with complicated pregnancies should avoiding traveling on cruise ships. Although many of the larger commercial ships have physicians on board, obstetric complications are best treated by your own obstetrician at home.

Some women have nausea associated with pregnancy that is only aggravated by motion sickness while on board. Make sure your friend stays well hydrated on the ship as dehydration can lead to preterm labor.

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January 7, 2015 at 8:30am

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