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I am four months post hysterectomy. I take a one-a-day vitamin for women daily.

Lately, when I wake, I cannot work normally until after awhile. I also hear some movements in my joints. Why is this? Do I need additional calcium with the vitamin?

Recovery after a hysterectomy can be lengthy and difficult, and is different for every patient. Joint pains in the morning can be a sign of de-conditioning, which means you should strive to include some gentle stretching and exercising (such as a brisk walk) every day to help the joints move more fluidly.

Joint pain could also be a sign of arthritis, so you should follow up with your doctor to discuss.

We recommend supplementing your diet with glucosamine, an over the counter supplement that has been found to be helpful for the joints. Glucosamine sulfate is thought to help strengthen cartilage. Glucosamine is often taken together with chondroitin. Both are well tolerated and safer than taking high doses of non-steroidal medications, which can damage your kidney function and elevated blood pressure.

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February 8, 2016 at 11:20am

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