Ask the Nurse

Recently, I had a total knee replacement. After 3 months of Physical Therapy I am back at work, doing well for the most part. On occasion, I have a large amount of swelling in the ankle of the same leg I had the knee replacement. This happens 2-3 times a week and not with any particular irritant. The swelling is enough to stretch my shoe out. I’d like to know if this is normal after this type of surgery?

It is important that you see your physician for an examination. It sounds like you have dependent edema and this may be due to venous insufficiency. You may need support stockings.

It is important to continue the physical therapy program and if you are postmenopausal, recent research shows women who are on hormone therapy and who have total joint replacement have better longevity of the new joint than women who do not take hormone therapy.

July 23, 2015 at 9:55am