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My daughter suffers from endometriosis. She has had two laparoscopies.

Unfortunately, birth control pills have not helped her symptoms. Lupron therapy has somewhat helped her endometriosis, but the side effects (especially depression) are bad. Any suggestions on how to alleviate the pain, which is often debilitating?

There are antidepressants that can be used with lupron to improve your daughter’s mood and help block the menopausal symptoms that can occur when a woman is on lupron. It is also important to protect bone health while on lupron.

Here are some other important tips and advice that your daughter should follow:

  • 25-OH vitamin-D level checked
  • Exercise daily
  • Take a B-complex vitamin
  • Eat omega-3 foods twice a week

A pregnancy can also help reduce endometriosis burden as well as laparoscopic surgery by a skilled surgeon who specializes in endometriosis. Please download our free Endometriosis Treatment Guide for some really helpful tips and information about treating endometriosis.

All my best,
Nurse Mary

September 10, 2013 at 4:35pm

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