Healthy Omelet

Becky Singleton • Speaking of Women's Health keynote speaker

Healthy Omelet

This omelet recipe is low in calories, but full of flavor. Add cheese and peppers for added zest.


  • ¾ cup Egg Beaters
  • ¼ cup mixed green, red & yellow peppers
  • salt & pepper
  • low-fat American cheese
  • fruit
  • wheat toast


  • Spray small skillet with no-stick cooking spray; heat over medium heat
  • Pour Egg Beaters into skillet
  • Add mixed green, red & yellow peppers
  • Add salt and pepper to taste
  • Cook over medium heat 7 minutes, or until almost set in center, carefully pushing cooked Egg Beaters to center of skillet with spatula and tilting skillet as necessary to allow uncooked portion to flow underneath
  • Sprinkle with low-fat American cheese
  • Gently fold omelet in half, over filling
  • Serve with fruit and wheat toast

(makes one serving)

Nutritional Analysis (per serving)

Nutritional Analysis not available.