Grilled Kabobs

Recipe from Mark Trowbridge, Merchandise Manager, Neighborhood Market Division, Wal-Mart.

Grilled Kabobs

What's 4th of July without a backyard grill...and what better than a healthy kabob, full of vegetables fresh from the market or garden! Have fun by substituting mango, pineapple, and tomatoes or try pork, lamb or even chicken...any of your favorites.


  • 1 1/2 pounds beef tenderloin or grilling steak
  • Assorted vegetables
  • Marinade (store-bought or homemade)
  • Cooking spray

Optional Vegetables

  • Red onions, mushrooms
  • Brightly colored peppers
  • Summer squash, zucchini
  • Grape, cherry or yellow tomatoes


  • Cut marinated meat into 1-ounce chunks.
  • Cut vegetables of your choice into large pieces – red onion, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, brightly colored peppers, yellow tomatoes, cherry tomatoes (put this on the end and add it last), summer squash, zucchini.
  • Marinate veggies separately from meat.
  • Soak wooden skewers in water to keep them from burning.
  • Skewer, alternating meat with veggies. Spray with vegetable oil. Grill until meat is cooked thoroughly, rotating position on grill at least once.
  • If using cherry or grape tomatoes, add just 1 minute before kabobs are finished cooking.

Each recipe makes 3 servings.

Nutritional Analysis (per serving)

  • 268 calories
  • 28 g protein
  • 15 g carbohydrates
  • 9 g fat (3 g saturated fat)
  • Fat, cholesterol and calorie content varies with different cuts of beef. Choose lean cuts such as round or beef loin, or trim fat from edges of meat.