Researchers: Hormone Replacement Therapy Does Not Increase Early Death In Women

Posted on September 12, 2017

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Source: CBSN Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)—Fifteen years ago, scientists said hormone replacement therapy was risky. Now the research is showing it does not increase premature deaths.

Hormones were once considered a fountain of youth for menopausal women, but millions stopped taking them after the 2002 landmark study revealed hormone therapy could increase the risk of breast cancer, strokes and heart disease.

But now, follow-up research says women who took either estrogen or a combined estrogen-progestin therapy showed no increase in their risk of death from all causes, including cancer and heart disease.

“They don’t necessarily have to take hormones if they’re not hormonally deficient, but if they are, they can take them safely and effectively,” said Dr. Holly Thacker, with the Cleveland Clinic.