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The Transformation Of Intention

The Transformation Of Intention

Your intention is your vision for your life. This vision is a force in your heart, full of power and passion that cannot be seen but can be heard and felt from within. Your intention is your ultimate goal, with a direction, an attitude, and an energy you want to cultivate in yourself and in your life.

Creating your intention is very exciting because it is the beginning of something bigger, something more, something really important that you want to attract into your life. You decide what it is you want to focus on for the next thirty days of your daily practice. You choose something meaningful to you in an area of your life where you want a change or a shift to occur.

The Wheel of Intention pictured here can be useful for helping narrow down the area of focus for your intention. The Wheel divides our lives into eight different categories. As you look at the Wheel, ask yourself, “Where in my life do I want to create more awareness, more love, more energy, and more meaning?”

The area that proves most meaningful for you may well be one where you experience some resistance or discomfort - a part of your life that you are currently not dealing with in the way you truly want.

Once you’ve selected a specific area of focus from the Wheel, you can create your intention statement, consciously stating what you want to create in that chosen category of your life. Always write your intention statement in the affirmative, as if it is already happening. You do not want to limit yourself, so the intention statement itself should be quite general, even though the category it addresses will be very specific. For instance, if you selected the area of health, instead of writing, “I lose 10 pounds” you could write, “I take great care of myself” or “I am healthy.”

Once you have created your intention, you focus on it every day through various activities of deep breathing, meditation, yoga poses and journaling because what we focus on expands, so get ready for transformation!

Diane Sieg is a former emergency room nurse turned speaker, author, life coach, and yoga teacher. She is the author of STOP Living Like an EMERGENCY! Rescue Strategies for the Overworked and Overwhelmed and 30 Days to Grace, The Practice Guide to Achieve Your Ultimate Goals. She can be reached at and