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How to Take a Newborn’s Temperature

How to Take a Newborn’s Temperature

How to Take a Baby's Temperature

If your baby’s skin feels warm, you should take baby’s temperature to check if he or she has a fever. The safest and most comfortable method of taking your baby’s temperature is by placing a thermometer under baby’s arm. It is not safe to put a thermometer in your baby’s mouth, and a thermometer placed in the rectum can be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous.

  1. To take baby’s temperature under the arm, place the thermometer high up in the baby’s armpit.
  2. Be sure that there is good skin contact and that no clothes are in the way.
  3. When taking your baby’s temperature, you can use two different types of thermometers:
    1. Digital thermometers
    2. Ear thermometers

The temperature reading will be different based on the type of thermometer you use. When reporting your baby’s temperature, tell your healthcare provider what type of thermometer you used.

Using a Thermometer

  1. When using a digital thermometer, read the temperature when the thermometer beeps or flashes.
  2. After reading the temperature, clean the thermometer with cold, soapy water.

Taking your baby’s temperature using a special ear thermometer may be easier when your baby gets a little older, such as 3 months. Ear thermometers are not recommended for infants under 3 months, because the temperature readings are not as accurate.