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How to Boost Your Self-Esteem

How to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Think of three words to describe yourself. What are they? These answers have a direct impact on the way you lead your life. Your self-image is directly related to your self-esteem and can actually become how you are viewed by yourself and others.

You are a person with vast, unlimited potential. Until you believe that to be the truth, you will continue to deny yourself free access to your own wisdom and magnificence.

Make Your Self-Esteem Soar

Following is a list of seven ways to help you strengthen and build your self-esteem in order to create the outcomes you desire:

  1. Trust. Until you learn to trust yourself and your good judgment, you'll remain hesitant and doubtful. Remember that the same creative intelligence that knows how to beat your heart, heal a cut and register millions of bits of stimuli every second is the same intelligence that can guide your daily thoughts and actions.
  2. Tune in. Become aware of your thinking patterns. When you notice that your thinking has become negative, immediately shift your focus to your positive qualities, your successes and your victories. When you focus on your many attributes and accomplishments, you can't help but feel good about yourself.
  3. Let go. Release any guilt you're harboring and forgive yourself for past indiscretions. Make amends if you need to and apologize if you feel it's appropriate. The longer you hold on to guilt or blame, the lower your self-esteem becomes.
  4. Positively define yourself. The two most powerful words in the English language are "I am.” Use that awareness to manifest exactly the kind of qualities you want to exhibit. Make a list of 100 positive words that describe you when you are living at your finest and best, such as "loving," "kind," "healthy," etc. Read the list morning and night and post individual affirmations where you can see them.
  5. Build your skills. Learn new skills to help you feel like you are adding to yourself. When you commit to lifelong learning, you open your mind to new possibilities and expand your brainpower. Read or listen to motivational/instructional tapes an hour per day. Learn to speak a foreign language, construct a birdhouse or even tap dance - it's totally up to you.
  6. Get outside yourself. Take the focus off of yourself and how you are doing by turning your attention to others. Volunteer your time for a worthwhile project, practice random acts of kindness or help someone in need. Acknowledge others for their accomplishments and extend your love and appreciation freely and unabashedly. The feeling you'll get from helping others is a gift not only to them, but to yourself as well.
  7. Take care of yourself. Honor your needs by learning how to ask for what you want assertively. Make conscious choices to eat healthy foods, exercise regularly and laugh a lot. Spend quality time with loved ones and practice whatever spiritual disciplines are right for you. If we expect others to respect us, then we must set the example of how we want to be treated.

Self-Esteem Fluctuations

It's true that your level of self-esteem will fluctuate from time to time. During those periods of low self-esteem, it's important to resist the temptation to beat yourself up. Make a clear, conscious choice to continue with the actions that move you forward. The power to boost your self-esteem lives within you every moment of the day.

By Linda Larsen, C.S.P.

Linda Larsen, C.S.P., helps individuals think strategically, communicate effectively and celebrate success. She is an international keynote speaker, trial consultant and author of the book, “True Power,” and the best-selling audio program, “12 Secrets to High Self-Esteem.” She can be reached at or 941.927.4700.