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Traveling this year? Hit the road with our 10 Personal Safety Tips!

  1. When signing into a hotel, use your first initial and last name only
  2. Do not display your room key in public. Examine your room key in private
  3. Monitor your alcohol consumption, expecially when alone or in a city with which you are not familiar
  4. Before you open the door for room service, ask the attendant to slide the bill under the door
  5. Make sure your door locks work properly. If not, request another room
  6. Use all safety locks in the room. Even dead bolt locks can be 'unlocked' by some hotel access cards
  7. Make sure the balcony and adjoining rooms doors are locked
  8. Do not put your name on the outside of your luggage. Use other identifying tags
  9. Display the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door, whether or not you are in the room
  10. Leave the TV or radio on and a light on when you leave your hotel room