Tips for Scheduling Your Next Doctor’s Appointment

By: Rhonda Jackson • Posted on February 08, 2022

How do I make an appointment?

Appointments can be made online or by phone for Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Specialized Women’s Health, and this is the case for most hospitals across the country.

  1. Request an appointment online
  2. Schedule an appointment in MyChart
  3. Call the appointment center 24/7 – 866.320.4573

When to call versus when to make an appointment online

Trying to decide when it’s best to call or when it makes more sense to schedule the appointment online? We recommend if it’s your first time seeing the healthcare clinician to call and schedule the appointment over the phone, especially if this is a consultation. If you are scheduling a yearly checkup, for example a Gynecology (GYN) exam with one of our nurse practitioners, an ongoing appointment for follow up or a mammogram appointment, you may find it easier to do online via Cleveland Clinic MyChart.

Center Director Dr. Holly L. Thacker encourages her established patients to schedule their telemedicine virtual appointments for yearly hormone therapy re-evaluation and prescriptions via MyChart as it can save time and convenience. But if you have any questions or concerns you can always call me to schedule your appointments, especially if they need to be coordinated as with a bone density or multiple visits.

Out of town ladies and those wanting a comprehensive CustomFit Physicals for Women will get the assistance of a registered nurse to take an intake history and help coordinate appointments and personalized screenings. There is an additional cost for the CustomFit Physicals for Women service. Call 216-445-7600 to begin your CustomFit Physicals experience.

How much will the appointment cost me?

At Cleveland Clinic, we know navigating the insurance coverage process can be an added stress and we strive to make the process as smooth as possible for our patients. If your insurance plan is not accepted at Cleveland Clinic, or if you do not have insurance ("a self-pay patient"), a Patient Financial Advocate will meet with you prior to scheduling your appointment.

How do I know if the doctor I am scheduling with is covered by insurance?

Cleveland Clinic accepts a variety of plans from insurance companies at all our locations. To verify if your insurance plan is accepted for services across our health system, please review our list of accepted insurance companies.

If your insurance company is accepted by Cleveland Clinic, it’s best to contact your insurance company to confirm what care is covered by your plan as well as information on copayments, deductibles and coinsurance amounts.

If your insurance company is not accepted by Cleveland Clinic this means your insurance plan is considered out-of-network which can lead to greater out-of-pocket expenses for your care. Please contact your insurance company for more information about what your financial responsibility may be if you choose to receive care at Cleveland Clinic.

How do I find the right doctor?

Finding a new doctor can be overwhelming. A good place to start is by visiting Cleveland Clinic’s Find a Doctor. The online search tool allows you to filter by name, location and specialty. Another way to find the right doctor for you is by asking your Primary Care Physician for recommendations. Your PCP knows your health background and needs, so they can usually point you in a good direction.

Can the appointment scheduler refill my prescription?

The short answer is NO. As schedulers we wish we could do everything for you but unfortunately, we do not have the credentials to refill prescriptions or answer medical questions and concerns. Please be sure to communicate these questions with your doctors and nurses via Cleveland Clinic MyChart or by calling your physician’s office. As an expert CCF Scheduler, we can help you schedule your appointment with a healthcare clinician that can assess your medical concerns and needs from tests to therapies.

Non-emergency medical questions and concerns can be sent to your doctors and nurses via MyChart. However, for complex questions and more in-depth care, you should bring a list of questions, concerns and needed prescriptions to your appointment. Please do not forget to bring any outside labs, paps or records that you want reviewed - that way you don’t forget to discuss them with your doctor.

Be Strong, Be Healthy, Be in Charge!

-Rhonda Jackson, Department Coordinator, Cleveland Clinic Center for Specialized Women’s Health

About Ms. Rhonda Jackson

Ms. Rhonda Jackson has worked at the Cleveland Clinic for 20 years with seven years in the Center for Specialized Women’s Health. She currently is the Department Coordinator for the Center for Specialized Women’s Health.

She is an expert in all things scheduling and has a warm smile for all. She loves riding her new red bicycle that she received from her family on her recent birthday. Her favorite things are chocolate cookies, stiletto heels and spending time with her family and her 5 grandchildren.

She is an avid exerciser and lives our motto of Be Strong, Be Healthy, and Be in Charge!

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