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I have an introverted uterus. I was having sexual intercourse 3-4 weeks ago and I experienced an un-painful locking or sticking pressure on my rectum like something got caught between my uterus and rectum. Can you offer any suggestions?

A "retroverted" uterus, also known as a "tipped uterus," means that you have a uterus that tilts towards your rectum - natural variant in 1 in 3 women. An anteverted uterus is forward towards the bladder.

Painful sexual intercourse is a common problem among 20-30% of women who have retroverted uteri and may affect sensations during sex. You may feel discomfort during certain sex positions that involve deeper penetration. There are plenty of other different positions and options that you could try that should provide a more pleasant sexual experience where you can control the depth of the penetration.

However, you should see your women’s health physician to do a pelvic exam, rectal exam and consider pelvic ultrasound to evaluate any symptoms. If you have rectal pain with bowel movements, especially during your period, you may have endometriosis.

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December 14, 2018 at 10:29am