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I have been with Weight Watchers since January of 2010 to the present and have been with Curves since May 2011. I am 5’1" I currently weigh 149 pounds. My goal weight is 132 pounds. I started WW at 154 April 2011 138 pounds...lost 16 pounds in 14 months. I have been going through perimenopause. Since April a constant weight gain to my current 149 pounds. Two weeks ago I lost 4 pounds!!! After having a period for three weeks of spotting, light flow, heavy flow, light flow, spotting, then finally stopping. Then the next week I gained 3 pounds back! I have been going to Curves twice a week. With a hectic schedule I am lucky to be able to get there at all! I enjoyed the last article from Speaking of Women’s Health and noticed it is sponsored through Cleveland Clinic. I felt comfort in the article and that we could have contact with you as a resource. I am grateful to the Cleveland Clinic for the care and concern that you have given to my daughter and her husband on behalf of their son~our sweet grandson. Our grandson is being followed by the pediatric neurology physicians. Thank You so much. I hope that you might be able sort out my weight gain~menopause issues. I am discontinuing WW and I have been so far enjoying Curves. Thank You in advance for your time, Lewisa

Congratulations on your motivation and dedication to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Although life often gets hectic, it is imperative that we find time to devote to ourselves for both our mental and physical well being. Your erradic periods may be an indication that you are starting to go through perimenopause. This may be accompanied by symptoms of hot flashes as well. We can not say that you have gone through menopause until 1 full year without a menstrual period.

Unfortunately, around menopause, metabolism tends to slow down making it more difficult to lose unwanted weight. Joining Curves is a great way to keep you motivated and active. There needs to be a balance between the amount of calories we intake and expend. Following appropriate portions sizes and avoidance of eating past 6 p.m. is often helpful. Exercises that improve muscle strength and flexibility such as yoga, are excellent tools to help keep a lean body mass. It may be beneficial to speak with a nutrional therapist to review your dietary habits in order to make helpful suggestions.

All My Best,
Speaking of Women's Health Nurse

August 1, 2011 at 4:46pm