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I am having some vaginal bleeding and slight burning when I urinate. I put some H2O2 on my vagina and I nearly died from the amount of burning pain I had before putting it on me. It doesn’t bother me through the day, only when I urinate.

I recently had a vaginal ultrasound and I realized that after I left there and came home to wash the gel off, that I had this burning issue. I haven’t had intercourse in weeks. I looked at my vagina and it is very, very RED. Please give me some indication of a diagnosis? And can this be done with over the counter medication?

Your symptoms of both vaginal bleeding and vaginal irritation require prompt medical attention from a local physician.

We don’t recommend you continue to use hydrogen peroxide on your vaginal tissue, as it can cause further irritation.

Your bleeding may possibly require workup with a biopsy and/or transvaginal ultrasound, and your irritation needs to be properly diagnosed before treatment can be prescribed.

It is not safe to give medical advice without a proper examination, and therefore I urge you to seek out medical care right away. Please see our general vulvar care information for more tips on how to care for your vagina.

All my best,
Speaking of Women’s Health nurse

January 12, 2016 at 5:05pm

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