Ask the Nurse

I thought I had a urinary tract infection about three weeks ago and went on an antibiotic (Cipro). I am not feeling better and was told to go on Macrobid. It helped for awhile, however, the pressure, slight burning and frequency to urinate has returned. I was given Premarin and have used this for four nights, but I’m still not feeling better. I did see a Urologist and all of the cultures have been negative. Any thoughts?

It is good that you are being evaluated by a Urologist for a urinary tract infection. I am not aware of your exact history and demographics, but if you are menopausal then you should be aware of an ongoing lack of estrogen in your body. This leads to thinning of the vagina and the skin around the urethra. As the skin gets sensitive and atrophic, menopausal females run a risk of an increase in UTI and burning and discomfort with urination.

Your urologist was right in starting the premarin. However, depending upon the years since menopause and extent of vaginal atrophic changes, it will take at least 3-4 weeks to be effective and you will stop feeling burning with urination or pain with intercourse.

August 23, 2011 at 5:10pm