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I have had two hysterectomy prolapse surgeries. However, they are both failed surgeries as the prolapse is back, stage 3.

I also just had a tibia fibia leg break 7 months ago, so I am weak in my pelvic and core muscles. Will this APEX help the prolapse? I don’t want any more surgeries and I want to be able to do things I use to.

The APEX (Automatic Pelvic EXerciser) will strengthen your pelvic muscles and help bladder function, but it is not a treatment for prolapse. With the tissue problems and fractures you describe, I wonder about your nutritional health and if you have a collagen problem.

You need to work with a pelvic floor specialist physician and perhaps a nutritionist and trainer to get yourself back into shape.

All My Best,
Speaking of Women’s Health nurse

January 10, 2017 at 10:58am

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