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I had a full hysterectomy 6 years ago and now I am 45 years old. I have been taking 1mg of estradial since my surgery, and I wanted to know if I don’t take my estradial for a few days what would happen? The doctor drags her feet when it comes to refills, therefor I have to wait till she gets around to approving my prescription. Right now, it’s been one day and I am feeling very weak, light headed, dizzy and can’t walk straight - just concerned if I’m going to be ok without it?

Hot flashes, bone loss and vaginal dryness are all signs and symptoms of estrogen loss. Some women can get migraine-like symptoms as well.

It is not good to vary and stop estrogen. And if you are on oral estradiol, it should be dosed twice a day for more consistent estrogen levels. You should make an appointment prior to prescriptions running out.

Weakness and dizziness can be signs of other conditions as well, so please see a physician for those symptoms.

All My Best,
Nurse Mary

May 28, 2014 at 12:41pm

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