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I am wondering what can be the cause of intense hunger. I eat 4-5 times a day and still it seems that I am always hungry. If I try to put it off too long I will get a really bad headache and in some cases feel kind of like I am going to pass out. What’s really weird is that it just came on in the last few weeks. Any ideas of what I should be checking into?

Thanks for your question. Increase in hunger/thirst can be a sign of diabetes; this can also be from increasing your metabolism from exercise.

I would suggest you go to your primary care doctor to discuss this. You can also increase your meals to six times a day by eating smaller portions. It is important to eat a balanced meal and make healthy food choices by eating whole grains and fiber which will keep you full longer. Staying hydrated is also very important, especially if you are eating more fiber or exercising. Feeling like you are going to pass out can be dangerous and should be evaluated by a physician.

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Speaking of Women's Health Nurse

October 2, 2011 at 3:30pm