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I am scheduled for a full hysterectomy for 16 week fibroids. I have a lot of anxiety and fear for the upcoming surgery. Shouldn’t I have been presented with other non-invasive treatment options? I’m not 100 percent on board with this surgery.

Generally, when the uterus size is more than 14 weeks due to fibroids, a hysterectomy is recommended. There are other options which you could discuss with your doctor like:

  • Uterine artery embolization, which tends to cause necrosis of the fibroids, but sometimes also affects blood supply to the ovaries and can affect the hormone production.
  • Myomectomy is a surgical procedure in which only the fibroids are removed, but more fibroids can always recur.
  • Mirena, an IUD which can be inserted for heavy bleeding, would not be a good option when the uterus size is advanced as it would not fit in properly and there is a high risk of expulsion.
  • Birth control pills may help with heavy bleeding, but they are not a guarantee.

Your risk factors should be considered with all of these options.

Please have a conversation with your doctor regarding all available options if you are not satisfied with a hysterectomy, as I’m sure they would be happy to explain the reason for their choice or suggest an alternative option.

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Speaking of Women's Health Nurse

August 29, 2012 at 3:59pm