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What is the best or most viable source for those of us in our eighties and more, to lose a few pounds sensibly?

I would recommend that you have a qualified nutrition specialist fomulate a specific diet as per your individual body requirements. A customized plan would help to cut down on the calories without necessarily starving you and will help you to slowly reduce your body weight sensibly. A few common things to do yourself:

  • monitor what you ingest
  • drink skim milk and not whole milk
  • eat small portions of meals and carbohydrates
  • increase fruits and vegetables in your diet
  • exercise at least 30 minute of aerobic exercise three times a week

Set reasonable goals and be consistent. Please also check with your personal care physician to ensure you do not have any underlying endocrine problems like thyroid, diabetes, etc.

August 1, 2011 at 4:40pm

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