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I am losing hair. Do I need to start using Rograine or is it a temporary result of: A new diet started in last month eating 2/3 fruits and vegetables for every 1/3 protein and grain Dental work in last month - crown followed by root canal - many x-rays Menopause - I stopped over 10 years ago. What should I do?

Hair loss can be related to hormonal or nutritional deficiencies or genetic causes or any combination of those factors. You should be checked for vitamin D and B12 deficiency.

In addition, biotin (which is B vitamin supplement) can be effective when used for over 6 months. You should have a discussion about your personal benefits and risk of hormone replacement with estrogen and other medications such as spironolactone with your women’s health physician. In addition, a dermatologist can evaluate and treat hair loss. A balanced diet of lean proteins, fruits and vegetables is a good prevention for heart, skin and hair health.

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August 16, 2011 at 3:14pm