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What us the connection between calcium and cholesterol? As kids we drank up to two quarts of milk a day, almost never water. First we had cows, later milkman delivered the milk. I was in my 30’s before even considering drinking water.

My family has a history of strokes. I eat a couple cups of nuts a day as I crave nuts and may also eat 1/2 cup of peanut butter a day.

I am nervously re-incorporating one egg a day. I was hard-boiling eggs, discarding yolks once a week and pulverizing whites. I add them to a water slurry for a milky substitute with oatmeal.

My craving for nuts is so great. What is going on? My carotid are in stage 3 and 4. Can you help slide my diet around?

The healthiest diet is the Mediterranean diet with nuts, seeds, fish twice weekly and olive oil. Too much animal fat as in dairy can increase vascular disease. You need to visit with your physician regarding the state of your carotid arteries and work with a nutritionist for a healthy diet.

Too much calcium in the form of supplements may not be good for the vascular system. You may need vitamin levels like iron (ferritin) checked if you are having unusual food cravings.

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December 13, 2016 at 10:06am

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