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I began BHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy), and after extensive blood work I began my therapy with 0.25ml estradiol, 0.25ml testosterone, 100mg progesterone, and 5mg DHEA capsules. (Important to note that before the estradiol pump cream began, I did start with an estradiol patch and then half a patch since I had nipple sensitivity from the start of the program). After 8 months of titration, the nipple soreness & sensitivity remain as long as I am taking the hormones. During this time of working with the doctor we have not been able to determine the cause of this problem, a way to eliminate it or a successful way to move forward. I have been very careful in following instructions and giving feedback along the way. I have been told that this group has never encountered this problem before. In essence, they are stumped. I am a 69 year old women in relatively good health. I take blood pressure medicine and Valacyclovir daily. I eat well, sleep well, walk daily, I don't smoke or take any other drugs aside from those prescribed above. I have a glass of red wine once a week and take good care of myself making every effort to keep carbs to a bare minimum along with sugar. Any suggestions or light you may be able to shed on my situation would be very much appreciated.

You should see a NAMS certified menopause specialist. The BHT may be unregulated, you may be getting higher doses than needed and your uterus may not be protected.

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May 20, 2019 at 3:16pm