Michelle Inkster, MD, PhD

Michelle Inkster, MD, PhD


Michelle Inkster, MD, PhD, is a staff gastroenterologist at Cleveland Clinic's Digestive Disease Institute. She is board certified in gastroenterology and internal medicine.

A wife and mother, Dr. Inkster feels women's gastrointestinal issues have been downplayed over the years, largely because most gastroenterologists were male and as a result she has seen that female gastro health issues were not receiving the attention that they deserved. As a female gastroenterologist, she sees patients who have had chronic complaints that they were uncomfortable discussing with their male physicians. These women were living with health problems that have negatively changed the way they interact with their partners or that interfered with their daily lives. Dr. Inkster has dedicated her career to having mostly female patients and hopes that she can give them the time and understanding that they need to make them comfortable in discussing these issues.

Dr. Inkster was born in Adelaide, Australia, and came to the United States for graduate work before attending medical school. She received her Doctorate degree from Saint Louis University School of Medicine and her medical degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.

She is a popular lecturer at Speaking of Women’s Health in Cleveland on gastrointestinal issues.

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