Take Part in a Urinary Clinical Trial

Cleveland Clinic is seeking Women with Urinary Incontinence to participate in study.

Are you a woman who leaks urine:

  • before you can make it to the toilet?
  • when washing your hands?
  • while putting your key in the door?

You may have a condition called urge urinary incontinence, and may be eligible to participate in our research study. As part of a National Institutes of Health clinical trial, the Women’s Health Institute of Cleveland Clinic is seeking women to participate in a trial of two different treatments. If eligible, women who participate will receive medication or a Botox® bladder injection, as well as compensation for time and effort.

Participants must be at least 21 years of age with urge-related urinary incontinence, occurring more than once per day.

For more information, please call Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator Ly Pung, RN at 216-445-2494 or e-mail pungl@ccf.org.

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