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Cleveland Clinic Mammography Services: Walk In Clinic and Self-Referrals

Scheduling Your Mammogram

Cleveland Clinic makes it easy to get your mammogram.

Walk-in Screening Mammography Locations

We know you’re busy, so some of our locations allow you to get a mammogram without a prior appointment.

Our Walk-in Screening Mammography Locations are for annual screening mammograms of females, aged 40 and older who have no breast symptoms, such as pain, nipple discharge or have felt a lump. A prior doctor’s order is not required, except for visits at Lakewood Family Health Center. For walk-in location hours, click on the location below.

Walk-In Locations - Tuesday and Thursday

Breast Screening Locations

Schedule your mammogram in advance at any of Cleveland Clinic's sites listed below.

Breast Screening Locations provide routine mammography and imaging for the prevention and detection of breast cancer and other breast diseases.

Visit for more information.