Finally, Some Health News I Can Sink My Teeth Into!

By: Judith K. Volkar, M.D. • Posted on October 27, 2011

Finally, Some Health News I Can Sink My Teeth Into!

Chocolate Makes the News

It seems like every day the news comes on and there is some health warning. It's always talking as if it were some national emergency, given the same importance as a "level red" terrorism alert. Now, don't get me wrong, I think we should all be well informed about the risks and benefits of all manner of therapies. I am just not convinced we need the level of hysteria that frequently accompanies health news.

That being said, I was over the moon at the news that the National Institute of Environmental Medicine in Sweden studied more than 33,000 women between the ages of 49 and 83. They were asked how often they ate chocolate and 95 other foods throughout the previous year. And they found that the women who ate two chocolate bars per week had a twenty percent lower stroke risk than the rest of the women.

The Health Benefits of Chocolate

Why? It is possible that the compound called flavenol, which is in cocoa and chocolate, can lower blood pressure and improve blood flow to the brain and heart. Now, this is all very preliminary. And we all know that if you eat too much chocolate you can have problems with:

Keep in mind that the women in the study were eating only two chocolate bars per week. So, by no means am I saying we should all run out and consume a big bag of Halloween chocolate!

But I think this justifies helping myself to one or two treats this coming Halloween!

- Dr. Judith K. Volkar

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