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I have had urinary tract infections from the age of ten. I get one at least every month and have seen doctors and urologist for this problem. Though, I have not had one in three months, I have noticed my urine has an awful smell. I mean bad! It’s almost toxic smelling. I never had this before. I was wondering if it’s because I’m not drinking enough water or something different. I have mentioned this to my doctor, but it only seems to happen about once every three weeks or so.

One of the common reasons why people notice an odor to their urine is if they have a urinary tract infection.

However, other things can make your urine have an odor or change the color of your urine, such as from not drinking enough fluids or taking certain medications like antibiotics.

I suggest that you see your doctor to have your urine tested to rule out an infection for which you will need treatment.

March 29, 2013 at 1:56pm

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