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My skin tags are driving me crazy! I have a couple, and my husband has many on his body. They are definitely unsightly, but more importantly, they are uncomfortable. The skin tags under my arms and on my legs interfere with shaving and rub on my clothing. The skin tags that are on the outside of my hips and upper thighs tend to get caught on my clothing when I’m dressing.

And if I have skin tags on my neck, they get irritated by shirt necklines and necklaces. Our insurance only covers one or two skin tags in a year. What can we do to minimize the growth of skin tags?

Thank you for your question. Skin tags are benign growths. They are usually associated with higher body mass index (BMI), so keeping your weight under control is the best way to minimize the growth of future skin tags.

And, yes, typically, insurance companies do not cover removal of skin tags unless they are considered "irritated." Talk with your doctor about starting an exercise program and slowly start building exercise into your weekly routine.

May 16, 2013 at 9:22am

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