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Do you recommend the ApexM to decrease urinary incontinence?

The Automatic Pelvic Exercising Device (ApexM) is typically purchased through or over the counter and can be used to treat stress, urge, or mixed incontinence. Studies have shown that it is highly effective in reducing the amount of leakage, liner use, and daytime/nighttime urination.

Starting in 2019, a newer model called the ATTAIN will actually replace the ApexM. It has a smaller probe and an attached handheld computer that allows you to set a stimulation and has a longer cord and will likely be more expensive than the ApexM. Because of the smaller probe, the ATTAIN is also a good option for women suffering fecal incontinence as well. These pelvic stimulation devices might be able to be purchased using your flexible spending account if you have one and there is a money back guarantee within the first year.

We recommend that you see your women's health specialist or gynecologist for a pelvic exam prior to purchase and to ensure that you are an appropriate candidate. You can find a list of providers that prescribe the device on

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November 28, 2018 at 9:35am