Mary McDonnell, RN

Nurse Advocate

Mary McDonnell, RN

Mary McDonnell is a nurse advocate for the Center for Specialized Women's Health, located on the main campus of Cleveland Clinic. As one of the responders of the 4HER Telephone Line, 216.444.4HER, Mary assists new patients in facilitating appointments for their specific problems with the correct specialist. Callers from around the world seek information and direction, which Mary provides with expertise.

A registered nurse at the Cleveland Clinic for over twenty years, she has been with the Center for Specialized Women's Health for several years. Mary coordinates the health screenings for all Cleveland Speaking of Women's Health and Universal Sisters conferences. She shares her knowledge at many Cleveland community organizations, schools and health fairs, providing health information and speaking on such topics as "Be Prepared for Your Physician Visit" and "What I Do for Patients."

Do you have a women's health question? Ask Nurse Mary and she will respond to your questions within 48 hours.

To personally discuss a medical issue or to make an appointment, call Mary directly at 216-444-4HER (216-444-4437). You can also make an appointment at Cleveland Clinic.